Unit Requirements

Unit requirements ensure that each degree includes the minimum amount of course work established by regulation and provide guidelines for a proper balance of types of courses in each student's program.

Summary of Unit Requirements

  • 120 total semester units. This includes transfer credit admitted to the Berkeley record and advanced high school units admitted to your college record.
  • Of the 120 total, 60 units in L&S courses. This includes courses offered by L&S and courses offered outside L&S that are included in any L&S major program or approved for credit for an L&S breadth requirement.
  • Of the 120 total, 36 units in upper division courses (numbered 100-199).
  • Of the 36 upper division units, 6 units of course work outside your major department. Units earned in cross-listed courses (indicated by a ā€œCā€ prefix) for which your major department is one of the sponsors are not applicable.

For information on limits for certain types of units, and for other policies governing unit credit, review the Registration/Enrollment section.