Seven Course Breadth Requirement

The Seven Course Breadth requirement is the foundation of the liberal arts program in Letters and Science, providing a rich and varied educational experience outside of the major program. To fulfill the requirement, choose one course from each of the following categories.

Guidelines for Seven Course Breadth

  • No course may be used to fulfill more than one breadth category.
  • Breadth courses may be taken for a letter grade (C- or better required) or on a Passed/Not Passed basis.
  • Through summer 2015, breadth courses must be at least two units in value (only 2-unit courses currently appearing on the breadth list apply). Beginning fall 2015, breadth courses must be at least three units in value.
  • Cross-listed courses are always counted as one of the two courses allowed from one department, even if the course does not appear under the title of the department in question.
  • No more than two courses from any one academic department may be used to satisfy breadth requirements (L&S Discovery Courses exempt).
  • Courses fulfilling American History & Institutions, American Cultures or requirements in the major program may also be applied to the Seven Course Breadth requirement.
  • The following cannot be applied to the Seven Course breadth:
    • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams can not be used to fulfill breadth requirements. An exception is the GCE (General Certificate of Education) exams. A score of A, B or C on the Advanced level Chemistry or Physics exams will satisfy the Physical Science breadth requirement.
    • Courses numbered 84*, 97, 98, 99, and those above 190
    • Courses fulfilling the Reading and Composition, Quantitative Reasoning, or Foreign Language requirements

* Courses numbered 84 offered prior to spring 2012 may be eligible for breadth credit. Visit for a list of these courses.

Satisfying the Seven Course Breadth Requirement at Berkeley

  • Successful completion with a letter grade of C- or better or a Passed grade in any approved course. See all approved courses on the L&S Breadth Lists or check for available courses with the L&S Breadth Search Engine.

Satisfying the Seven Course Breadth Requirement with Transfer Work

  • For courses from California community colleges, see ASSIST. Note: IGETC certification from a California community college or a letter of reciprocity from a UC campus satisfies the Seven Course Breadth requirement (and all other L&S breadth requirements).
  • Successful completion (with a letter grade of C- or better or a Passed grade) of equivalent transferable courses at an accredited college will satisfy the requirement.
  • For courses from other institutions, check with the L&S Evaluation Unit at (510) 642-7391. (Course descriptions and syllabi may be required to make a breadth determination.)