Minimum Progress

Normal Progress

The College expects most students in Letters & Science to complete a degree in four years. Generally, this requires an average of 30 units of course work completed each year. The College has set the normal semester unit load for students in Letters and Science at 15 units. The College requires students to take a minimum course load of 13 units each semester. Class schedules with fewer than 13 units require approval.

Minimum Progress Requirement

As well as meeting the 13-unit minimum each semester, students in L&S must also adhere to the Minimum Progress requirement, which is based on a formula designed to ensure adequate progress toward a four-year degree. Minimum progress is calculated by taking the number of semesters completed at Berkeley minus 1 and multiplying by 15. (Summer Sessions are not counted as a semester in this calculation.)

Example: A student who has been enrolled for three semesters at Berkeley would need 30 units to meet the Minimum Progress Requirement.

(3 – 1) x 15 = 30