Before you enroll in classes for the semester in which you plan to graduate, it is essential that you check your record first to make sure that the classes you have chosen will fulfill any remaining degree requirements. Also, in order to be considered for graduation that term, you will need to request to be placed on the degree list for that term ("declare candidacy").

Checking Your Requirements

  • Before you enroll in classes for your final term, you should review your record for any outstanding requirements. Request a Degree Audit Report to assist your degree review.
  • Degree audits check all undergraduate degree requirements, including UC, Berkeley campus, college, and major requirements.
  • To request a correction of your audit, please print a Degree Audit Correction Request and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Advising at 206 Evans Hall. Please include a printed copy of the degree audit with errors clearly marked.
  • Although major requirements are included in most Degree Audit Reports, it is advisable to check with your undergraduate major adviser (UMA) the semester before you graduate, to be sure that your major will be complete by the end of your last semester and that you have met any other constraints upon graduation (such as obtaining faculty approval for an area of concentration) that might apply to your major.
  • At the start of your final semester before graduation, if you have questions or are uncertain about any of your requirements, make an appointment with an L&S College Adviser before finalizing your class schedule.

Declaring Candidacy (Adding to the Degree List)

Before the graduation process can begin, you must request to be placed on the degree list ("declare candidacy"). You cannot graduate unless you do this! If you are a continuing student, you can declare your candidacy via Tele-BEARS when you enroll for courses for your last semester. (As with all online enrollment transactions, it is always a good idea to check Bear Facts afterwards to confirm that your request was processed correctly.)

If you are not registered for the semester in which you plan to graduate or if Tele-BEARS is no longer available when you are ready to declare your candidacy, print an Add to Degree List/Graduation Check form and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Advising.

Please Note: Even if you have met all degree requirements, you will not graduate if you fail to place yourself on the degree list by the deadline to add of your last term. In that case, you will need to declare candidacy the following term, and your official graduation date will be delayed. Conversely, if you wish to stay after you have completed all degree requirements, you may continue to enroll, but only through the semester in which you exceed unit or semester limits.

If you declare your candidacy and later decide that you do not want to graduate that term, submit a Drop from Degree List form to the Office of Undergraduate Advising before the end of the term.

Graduating with Transfer Work

To declare your candidacy when you are enrolled elsewhere, submit an Add to Degree List/Graduation Check form by mail or in person to the Office of Undergraduate Advising during the first five weeks of the term.

If you are enrolled in courses at another institution during your last semester, you will need to order an official transcript from the school you attended (check first to make sure the grade has been posted!) and have it sent in a sealed official envelope directly to:

Evaluation Unit
Office of Undergraduate Advising
206 Evans Hall #2924
Berkeley, CA 94720-2924.

Transcript Deadlines

Fall Graduation: January 31
Spring Graduation: June 30
Summer Graduation: September 7

Note: Course work from other institutions must officially end by the following dates in order to be included in a degree for that semester. If your transfer course work ends later than the dates indicated below, you will not be able to graduate in that term and will need to request graduation for the following term.

Fall Graduation—December 31
Spring Graduation—May 31
Summer Graduation—August 31

Early Proof of Graduation

If a prospective employer or graduate school needs an official statement that you either will be or already have completed your degree requirements, you may petition for either a Proof of Intent to Graduate, or a Certificate of Completion.

Proof of Intent to Graduate

You can obtain verification that you will be able to graduate pending completion of your current enrollments by printing and completing a Proof of Intent to Graduate form and submitting it to the Office of Undergraduate Advising in 206 Evans Hall, accompanied by a statement from your major department verifying that, with the completion of your current enrollments, you will have completed all major requirements.

Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion is an official document issued by the Office of the Registrar verifying that all degree requirements have been met. If you have finished all your degree requirements and need proof of graduation in the period of time after grades are posted and before your degree is noted on your transcript (an 8-10 week period), you will need to request a Certificate of Completion.

Commencement Ceremonies

Do not confuse official graduation with commencement ceremonies! Most departments allow students to "walk" in commencement ceremonies who have yet to complete all their degree requirements. It is not necessary to place yourself on a degree list in order to participate in that term's commencement ceremonies. In many cases, majors will allow students with some requirements outstanding to participate in commencement exercises. If you have not finished all your requirements but wish to participate in your major’s ceremony, check with your undergraduate major adviser (UMA). Above all, make sure to have a plan for fulfilling those last outstanding requirements, and make sure to add yourself to the degree list for the term in which you complete them.

Transcripts and Diplomas

Official transcripts with degree notations are available 8–10 weeks after posting of final grades. Diplomas are mailed to all graduates several months after the degrees have been posted to transcripts. If your Bear Facts information is not current or is incorrect, you can request name or address changes by logging on to Bear Facts or through the Office of the Registrar.