Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit for L&S Requirements

High School Enrichment (HSE)

College courses completed before high school graduation, as well as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and A or O level exams, should be reported on admissions applications and are recorded as transfer work. None of these units will be applied against the maximum number of units you are allowed at Berkeley.

Community College

No more than 70 units of community college course work may be applied toward the 120-unit graduation requirement. However, it is still possible to fulfill course requirements with community college work in excess of the unit limit. For California community colleges, check unit transferability and University, College, and major requirement equivalents at ASSIST.

UC Berkeley Extension

Courses taken through UC Berkeley Extension that carry an XB or XBW prefix are identical or equivalent to courses taught at Berkeley and have catalog numbers parallel to their Berkeley counterparts. In addition to unit and requirement credit, XB or XBW courses receive grade points, which are included in the UC grade point average on Berkeley transcripts. While you are enrolled in XB or XBW courses, you will be subject to deadlines and procedures established by Berkeley Extension. Be sure to review the information on undergraduate credit courses on UC Berkeley Extension.

Other UC Campuses

Courses taken at other UC campuses, for example via Intercampus Visitor (ICV) Program, receive unit credit and are included in the UC grade point average on Berkeley transcripts.

Other Programs

Office of the Registrar manages Visitor and Exchange Programs such as Cross Registration Agreements, the Intersegmental Cross-Enrollment program and the Simultaneous Enrollment Program. You may direct your questions to the Office of the Registrar.


Guidelines for Transfer Credit

In many cases, it is possible to satisfy unit or course curriculum requirements with course work from other schools. Be sure to check with the appropriate office for transfer credit approval before enrolling elsewhere. Note: Graduating seniors who are enrolling elsewhere, review Graduation Section for special instructions.

  • Except for UC Extension XB or XBW courses and courses from other UC campuses, transfer work does not affect the Berkeley grade point average.
  • Transfer work cannot be applied to the Senior Residence requirement.
  • Students who plan to take a course at another institution while enrolled in a regular semester at Berkeley must obtain permission for Concurrent Enrollment prior to enrolling in the off-campus course (does not apply to Berkeley Summer Sessions).
  • Transfer courses submitted in satisfaction of the Reading and Composition, Foreign Language, or Quantitative Reasoning requirements must be posted as letter grades on transfer transcripts.

Checking for Credit

Unit Credit

Before you decide to take course work elsewhere, you need to know that it will be eligible for unit credit on the Berkeley campus. To check for unit transferability for courses from California community colleges, review ASSIST. For courses from other institutions, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. (Note: To convert quarter units to Berkeley’s semester system, divide by 1.5.)

Keep in mind the following when considering course transferability:

  • The institution offering the course is accredited.
  • You are not seeking to repeat course content for which you were already awarded credit at Berkeley.
  • The course is comparable to Berkeley undergraduate courses, i.e., it is not vocational, technical, remedial, doctrinal, or graduate.

Course Requirement Credit

If you intend to satisfy a course requirement with transfer work, you will need to check with the appropriate office to be sure that the course you take will be accepted. Remember that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions must still approve course transferability, except for courses from California community colleges (for the latter, check ASSIST).

After Completion of Transfer Work

After the institution where you took the course posts grades, submit an official transcript to:

Office of the Registrar
Attn: Transcripts
18 Sproul Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-5404

Note: Do not open the envelope! Unsealed transcripts will not be accepted.