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**We are closed Tuesday, Sept 23 from 8am until 1pm

Front Desk Hours: Weekdays 9am-4pm,
closed noon-1pm,
Wednesdays 1-4pm

To make Same-Day or Pre-Scheduled Appointments, visit 206 Evans Hall, call 510-642-1483 or visit our online appointment system. 15 minute Same-Day appointments may be scheduled beginning at 9am for the same day.

Address: 206 Evans Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-2924

Phone Hours:
(510) 642-1483 10am-3pm, closed during noon hour
Fax: (510) 642-2372

Services: Skype, Email, and more

Satellite Drop-In Advising

  • Torey, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) in Chavez Center, Fridays 10am-noon and 1-4pm

  • Maire, Disabled Student Program in Chavez Center, Thursdays 10am-noon and 1-3pm

  • Sonya, Athletic Study Center in Chavez Center, Wednesdays 10am-noon and 1-4pm

Welcome to L&S Advising!

Greetings, Berkeley students. The Office of Undergraduate Advising, with a staff of highly skilled and experienced College Advisers, is here to help you make the best choices for your academic career and get the most out of your time at Berkeley. We encourage you to seek our advice in your first two years at Berkeley; however, you are welcome to ask for advice throughout your college career. As a student in L&S, you can explore the almost limitless possibilities of a liberal arts education, but you will also be expected to meet high standards of student responsibility essential for success at Berkeley.

Advising News

  • Deadline Reminder

    Remember! Friday, Sept 26 -Deadline to Drop non EDD courses/Add all classes

  • Looking for courses to add? Review our new Resources/Opportunities
  • New to Cal? Get academic advising *especially for you.*

    AskLnS Peers is for students in their first or second semesters at Cal. Peer Advisers are available to meet with you in residence halls starting 4th week. Please visit the AskLnS Peers website for days, times, and locations.

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  • Planning to change colleges to L&S?

    Current students in other UCB colleges who feel their educational goals are best met with a degree in L&S are welcome to petition for a Change of College starting Sept 8 via appointment. Please attend a Change of College Workshop for information about the process.

    Visit here for workshop dates.

  • Are you on track to graduate Fall 2014?

    Make sure you completed all requirements by meeting with your undergraduate major advisers (UMA) and College Advisers. Double check your Degree Audit Report. Plan ahead before the 5th week Add/Drop deadline passes.

  • Upcoming Advising Workshops - Review the Calendar below

Important Dates and Events