Welcome to L&S Undergraduate Advising!

Greetings, Berkeley students. The Office of Undergraduate Advising, with a staff of highly skilled and experienced College Advisers, is here to help you make the best choices for your academic career and get the most out of your time at Berkeley.

Earning Your Degree provides practical advice about your academic program and describes the regulations which govern studying in our College. It describes what it takes to graduate and how to plan your studies to make the most of your experience at Berkeley. It discusses the standards that the faculty has developed to ensure fairness and consistency in the quality of academic life. It also explains your role and responsibilities as a student in our College.

Advising News

  • Upcoming Schedule Planning Workshops

    Learn tools for improving your Fall 2015 schedule. Review calendar below.

  • Trying to understand Waiting Lists?

    Review this tutorial from the Registrar. Monitor your waitlisted classes as you confirm your schedule.

  • For information on Breadth courses, review the Berkeley Academic Guide.

  • Looking for another class?

    Check out the AskLnS Open Classes List. Updated frequently and indexed by department, this list is an easy way to find out about interesting and available classes at the start of each semester. Check it out today!

  • Submit Reduced Course Load petitions early

    Reduced Course Load petitions for a reduced study list must be submitted during the first five weeks of the semester. Heads up student parents, etc! Visit Course Load Limits.

  • Deadline Dates

    Mark these dates as part of your student responsibility to know deadlines.
    Sep 4th: 2nd week - Deadline to drop Early Drop Deadline (EDD) courses