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The Office of Undergraduate Advising, with a staff of highly skilled and experienced advisers, is here to help you get the most out of your time at Berkeley by helping you make the best choices for your academic career. We strongly suggest that you seek our advice in your first two years at Berkeley; however, you are welcome to ask for advice throughout your college career. As a student in L&S, you will find almost limitless possibilities, but you will also be expected to meet high standards of student responsibility, essential for success at Berkeley.

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Advising News

  • Planning to change colleges to L&S?

    Students in other UCB colleges who feel their educational goals are best met with a degree in L&S are welcome to petition for a Change of College. Please attend a Change of College Workshop for information about the application process and to discuss your situation in detail.

    Visit here for workshop dates.

    The application period for the fall semester is the first day of fall instruction through November 1; the application period for the spring semester is the first day of spring instruction through June 1.

  • Fulfill the seven-course L&S breadth requirement and expand your horizons with Discovery Courses

    The Letters & Science Discovery Courses take the guesswork out of satisfying the breadth requirement. Taught by some of the most distinguished faculty on campus and designed for non-experts, Discovery Courses are considered by students to be "unforgettable experiences".

  • Letters and Science 1

    Letters and Science 1 is a course for entering students, particularly those who are uncertain of where to start their explorations and would like an introduction to the intellectual landscape of the College of Letters & Science, the campus's liberal arts college. Topics will be both theoretical and practical: for example, you'll learn why the L&S breadth requirement exists and also get a good sense of which disciplines would be most engaging for you to pursue while satisfying breadth.

  • Are you on track to graduate?

    To check your progress, run a "Degree Audit Report" ( https://bearfacts.berkeley.edu/bearfacts/ ). If you have questions (or spot inaccuracies) or would like help planning the rest of your time at Berkeley, visit The Office of Undergraduate Advising.

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